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Album Review: You Me At Six – Cavalier Youth

After the unequivocal success of You Me At Six’s previous album, ‘Sinners Never Sleep’, you can argue that expectations were high for the quintet’s fourth studio album. ‘Cavalier Youth’ proves to be one of those albums that suffers from Benjamin Button Syndrome. Sure, they’ve never sounded bigger or better than this. Every track is polished … Continue reading

Video: Twin Atlantic – Heart And Soul

The bonnie wee Scot rockers Twin Atlantic returned to our ears a few weeks ago and now they’re back with the official video for ‘Heart And Soul’. Much like their newfound sound, their latest video is pop-tastic. Clearly, McTrusty & Co had a lot of fun with the green screen. You can watch all the … Continue reading

Video: Fall Out Boy – Rat A Tat ft. Courtney Love

Part 9 of Fall Out Boy’s ‘Youngblood Chronicles’ gives way to ‘Rat A Tat’, featuring the one and only Courtney Love, bitch! The Hole frontwoman features as the leader of the femme fatale rock ‘n roll killers, who’re still on the quest for Fall Out Boy’s blood (Oh Elton, where are you?!). You can watch … Continue reading

Video: Fall Out Boy – Death Valley

Merry Christmas from Fall Out Boy! This Christmas, treat yourself to the pop-punk quartet’s latest video in their Save Rock and Roll series – ‘Death Valley’. Poor Joe Trohman just cannot catch a break after being murdered by Patrick Stump in ‘Where Did the Party Go’, with the poor guy winding up in Hell, and … Continue reading

Video: You Me At Six – Fresh Start Fever

You Me At Six continue their quest for world dominance with the official music video for ‘Fresh Start Fever’ off of their upcoming album ‘Cavalier Youth’. Fresh off the back of ‘Lived A Lie’, the band’s latest video follows a speedway racer who’s torn between the woman he loves and the pressure of winning for … Continue reading

Video: Fall Out Boy – Where Did The Party Go

What better way to kick December off than with the brand-new instalment of Fall Out Boy’s Save Rock And Roll saga? Part 7 is ‘Where Did The Party Go’, which sees the band flee into a hospital from a raged Patrick and the deceiving Foxes, who’s after the guy’s blood. Cue a deadly disco beat … Continue reading

Video: Paramore – Daydreaming

As well as watching the fireworks tonight, why don’t you take a gander at Paramore’s latest video – ‘Daydreaming’. Created after the music video for ‘Ain’t It Fun’ was scrapped, the band have put together a story about two friends who go to great lengths to attend one of the band’s gigs and luckily, meet … Continue reading

Film Trailer: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The official Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer has finally landed, 2 days after the poster was released. The trailer sees the red, white and blue warrior face off against the eponymous Winter Soldier and more foes who seem to be infiltrating SHIELD. Joining Rogers in his latest adventure is the Black Widow, Nick Fury, … Continue reading

Video: Arctic Monkeys – One For The Road

Arctic Monkeys have released the official music video for ‘One For The Road’, off of their latest incredible album ‘AM’. If you’re not one of the lucky fans catching the band on their current UK tour, you’ll have to make do with this video, apologies. You like tractors, right? Good. Watch ‘One For The Road’ … Continue reading

Video: The 1975 – Girls

After a sensational rise to stardom this year, The 1975 have released the official music video for ‘Girls’. Unlike their previous videos, the Manchester quartet gleefully take the piss out of themselves and the pop industry. Frontman Matt Healy had this to say about the video: “We found the whole idea of us being told … Continue reading