Live Music Review: Pure Love @ Central Station, Wrexham, 24/07/12.

Pure Love

The Carter & Carroll Show

Leaving one of the most ferocious hardcore bands in recent years couldn’t of been an easy decision for Frank Carter.

Gallows boast an impressive fanbase and are regarded as one of the best live acts in the country.

So due to ‘creative differences’, Frank left the band to begin anew with ex-Hope Conspiracy guitarist Jim Carroll and Pure Love was born.

It wasn’t until early February that anyone really got to hear what the duo had to offer: an eclectic mix of bluesy-guitars layered upon good ol’ fashioned rock and roll.

So tonight, The Handsome Devils Club swings in to Wrexham’s Central Station, an intimate venue with a fairly big crowd considering that the band haven’t released upcoming debut album ‘Anthems’, yet. Sure, you can assume most of the crowd are Frank fans from his days back in Gallows, but it’s incredibly refreshing to see him delve into a new project that’s clearly put a smile on his face.

Greeted with a rousing reception, they launch into relatively unheard territory with the likes of ‘She‘, ‘Hits‘ and ‘Beach Of Diamonds‘. Having an album that hasn’t been released can be a double-edged sword. People usually flock to hear it, but during live shows it may be hard to engage with new songs, but not here – “(Laughs) Don’t think you’re getting off lightly!”

Taking a break from stage duties, Carter makes his way into the middle of the crowd. In his own words, he has “changed his ways, so don’t worry, I’m not gonna punch you in the face or spit on you, nothin’ like that!” before beginning ‘Anthem‘, highlighting the radical change in not just his music, but himself.

Taking to the stage signals the arrival of debut single ‘Bury My Bones‘, sending the crowd into a frenzy, but the onslaught continues with their latest single “Handsome Devils Club“, two songs which are arguably Carter & Carroll’s finest work. Carroll’s beautiful, melodic riffs and electric solos provide a perfect backdrop for Carter’s significantly improved vocals, this is rock & roll at its purest.

Bowing out with the epic sing-along of “Riot”, the band take to the floor, equipment et al. Drums, bass, guitars, mic, you name it, taking the intimacy of the gig to a whole new level. Frank is ever-thankful to the crowd (even handing out beers beforehand), imploring them to have fun.

With a number of festival dates throughout the rest of the year and the release of “Anthems” to come, it’s only a matter of time until Pure Love’s Handsome Devils Club is full to the brim.

Spread the word, spread the love.


Pure Love Setlist

The Hits
Beach Of Diamonds
Bury My Bones
Handsome Devils Club
Burning Love
Drain You
Scared To Death

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