Album Review: Green Day – ¡UNO!

The temptation for Berkley’s finest to make a third and final rock-opera album before venturing out anew must’ve been almost too good to resist.

After the mainstream success of the socio-political ‘American Idiot’ and its apocalyptic aftermath – ‘21st Century Breakdown‘, it’s fair to assume a third concept album would’ve rounded off an impressive trilogy of records that heralded a remarkable stage in Green Day’s career.

But fuck that.

Instead, the pop-punk trio are about to release a barrage of songs spanning three albums – ¡UNO! ¡DOS! and ¡TRE!, claiming a return to punk rock. No democratic message, political agenda or a St Jimmy in sight.

Concept has gotten stale, especially with a minority of disillusioned Green Day fans yearning for the Dookie/Insomniac, hell even Nimrod days to return and teaming up yet again with Rob Cavallo, the veterans are out to have a good fucking time.

¡UNO! is a 12 track blitz on the eardrums and its electric pace is reflected in songs such as the killer ‘don’t give a fuck’-esque ‘Let Yourself Go’ and the call to arms tirade of ‘Carpe Diem’.

The infectiousness of their ‘three-chord’ catchy pop hooks are at their creative best with ‘Nuclear Family’ and lead single ‘Oh Love’, whilst ‘Loss Of Control’ reeks of 70’s Clash.

Easily, ‘Kill The DJ’ and ‘Troublemaker’ are Green Day’s grooviest numbers thus far, bearing in mind ¡DOS! and ¡TRE! are yet to be released and it’s ingenious really how three guys coming into their forties (Billie Joe Armstrong the exception) continue to keep things fresh after what must’ve been an exhausting (but highly rewarding) and arduous process creating what will arguably be their American Idiot/21st Century legacy.

They’ve worked hard, this is Green Day partying at their hardest.

4 Stars.

You can listen to ¡UNO! here.

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