Live Music Review: We Are The Ocean @ Wrexham, Central Station

Fresh off the back of their brand new album release ‘Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow’, We Are The Ocean are in peak musical form.

The departure of lead singer Dan Brown has been nothing but good for them. Losing a lead singer can potentially signal the end for some bands, but some fight back to become stronger, tighter and bigger.

Bigger certainly being a perfect word to describe WATO‘s new sound.

On ‘Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow’, gone are the screams that Brown provided as are the more heavy elements of the band’s past successes. Instead, these are replaced to great affect via Liam Cromby’s gruff melodic vocals and a musical shift into more soft rock filled to the brim with addictive hooks and rocking choruses.

In Central Station tonight, prior to the headliners taking to the stage, Great Cynics are first up with a blend of upbeat indie guitar riffs with an underlying punk aura, similar to the (sadly missed) King Blues.  On the other end of the scale are the post-hardcore Giants whose ruthlessly heavy sound seems to take the crowd by surprise for the first half of their set, before subsequently opening up the pits.

9:30 beckons and the sound of rapturous applause and deafening cheers means it’s time to get wet.

Kicking proceedings off with ‘Machine’ and a host of older songs, it’s clear that the Essex boys are incredibly revitalised.

Liam Cromby effortlessly fills the role of frontman with his Frank Turner/Rise Against twang, whilst vocal duties are shared amongst themselves.

Songs off of ‘Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow’ are too scarce tonight, but when the likes of ‘Bleed’ and ‘The Road (Run For Miles)’ drop it’s manic, as well as they’re previous hits ‘These Days, I Have Nothing’ and ‘Nothing Good Has Happened Yet’ the pit is just non-stop carnage from the get-go.

Set-closer ‘The Waiting Room’ provides the ‘come-of-age’ moment with a crowd sing-along conducted by Cromby who has set Central Station high standards to adhere to this evening – ‘I don’t think you’re ready yet, again!’

With what should be mass coverage for ‘Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow’ and in this peak, rich vein of musical form they’ve found, We Are The Ocean can no doubt  become a true force of nature in the rock industry – homegrown talent at its very best.

Great Cynics – 3 Stars.
Giants – 3.5 Stars.
We Are The Ocean – 4.5 Stars.

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