Album Review: Green Day – ¡DOS!

Oh that tricky second album…

…is a stereotype Green Day seem to have given the finger in the second instalment of their ¡UNO! ¡DOS! ¡TRE! trilogy.

Whilst ¡UNO! began with unbelievable pop-punk bombast, it’s successor begins with the Hillbilly twang of ‘See You Tonight’ before the subsequent sex-fuelled explosion of ‘Fuck Time’ (originally a Foxboro Hot Tubs track).

‘Stop When The Red Lights Flash’ carries on the sex and violence undertones with electric pace and the lyrically brilliant ‘Lazy Bones’ pauses for a short breath amidst the carnage of the ‘party’.

The majority of the album flies by pretty quickly, but not before integrating it’s straight-up 90s garage rock right into your brain with the likes of ‘Makeout Party’ and The Who tinged-riffs of ‘Wow! That’s Loud’. A surprising tribute to the late Amy Winehouse also makes for a fitting album closer as Armstrong’s bluesy guitars reverberate over a regret that the pair never met.

However, like ¡UNO! there are a few ‘fillers’ that miss the mark such as ‘Wild One’, that seem to deflect the pace of the album as well as ‘Nightlife’ – the ‘Kill The DJ’ of ¡DOS! Featuring vocals from rapper Lady Cobra, ‘Nightlife’ is very much the most experimental song the Berkeley bunch has ever done. Armstrong’s distorted vocals and Cobra’s sultry rapping demonstrates the band’s seedier side, love it or hate it.

At the heart of what Green Day do best though is lead single ‘Stray Heart’ – a perfect bubblegum pop-punk song with a bassline reminiscent of The Jam’s ‘A Town Called Malice’ that blossoms into a lovelorn story full of the most infectious hooks and choruses the band have ever produced.

Of course, lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong’s stint in Rehab might take the emphasis off of what was hugely-anticipated hype over their trilogy and ¡DOS! might suffer the most from that, but then again it does provide an intriguing insight into what the hell is going on inside of Armstrong’s head (Albeit, slightly disturbing in parts).

Since ¡DOS! was meant to be the ‘middle of the party’, just enjoy it before it ends (¡TRE!), regardless of whether one of the hosts has to be somewhere else for a while.

3.5 Stars.

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