Single Review: Paramore – Now

Sorry, when do you want this future?

Now the Tennessee trio, Paramore make their long awaited comeback with ‘Now’, the first single off of their upcoming self-titled fourth studio album.

What Paramore do better than 99% of other pop-punk bands out there  is the generic ‘world on our shoulders, listen to our problems’ bullshit. It seems almost natural with this band, there are no real cliches even when Hayley demands a future for this band, one that undoubtedly looks bright.

Guitars are riddled with distortion and Hayley Williams‘ voice sounds radically smothered with a more pop vibe; shades of No Doubt shining through.

Certainly, ‘Now’ is intriguing enough to listen to because of their apparent musical overhaul. Despite its rousing chorus, ‘Now’ falls flat towards the end when its begging for a classic Paramore breakdown, but instead it just fizzles out to become a dud firework when you were expecting a grand finale.

It’s not their worst and it’s not their best, more of a transitional song in a time where the trio are finding their feet by themselves.

Although, it definitely makes you want to hear the rest of the album na ah ah ah, na ah ah owww (Sorry).

3 Stars.

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