Album Review: Bring Me The Horizon – Sempiternal


Sempiternal definition – Everlasting Time, eternal and unchanging.

See Also – The Pinnacle Of Modern Metal.

No-one could have guessed that the infamous Bring Me The Horizon would make the album of 2013 and better yet, an album that currently occupies heavy metal’s highly coveted throne.

‘Redefinition’ is a strong word being tossed around to describe ‘Sempiternal’ and it’s affect on metal. Sure, it’s an indisputable game-changer and I’d be surprised if many other bands aren’t currently re-evaluating their own material in light of what is a phenomenal come-of-age album, but this is still very much a BMTH record.

The likes of ‘The House Of Wolves’ and ‘Empire (Let ‘Em Sing)’ are superb ‘Horizon tracks, brutally heavy and unforgiving whilst possessing hardcore melodies, rendering their new sound much more accessible – ‘Sleepwalking’ the most mainstream of them all.

Oli Sykes is as pissed off and emotional as ever, roaring and bellowing at some poor bastard who’s feeling his relentless wrath – ‘Antivist’ being a prime example. Seemingly directed at former-guitarist Jona Weinhofen, it’s a expletive laden attack about a character who is clearly bringing the band down, ‘question(ing) everything’; a brilliant ‘Fuck You’ anthem that will no doubt have the mosh pits bouncing live.

When the tempo is reeled in, ‘And The Snakes Start To Sing’ along with ‘Seen It All Before’ are serene Deftones-esque moments of almost tranquility, Sykes’ voice beautifully toned down, showcasing his radical vocal range affirming the man can actually sing. Perhaps his greatest triumph is the deeply personal ‘Hospital For Souls’, a chilling recap on past events in the singers life.

However, what makes ‘Sempiternal’ undoubtedly BMTH’s best record yet is the full-time addition of keyboard/synth player Jordan Fish, who makes his presence felt from the beginning with album-opener ‘Can You Feel My Heart’. Fish’s array of synths perfectly compliment ‘Horizon’s trademark metalcore sound, also providing an atmospheric placidity to the album’s lead single – ‘Shadow Moses‘, before it explodes into one of the finest metal tracks you’re likely to hear, truly flawless.

Polished to perfection, ‘Sempiternal’ owes much to an incredible production by Terry Date, who keeps that raw classic ‘Horizon sound intact but adds a glossy finishing touch to what is a major contender for album of the year.

This juggernaut is sure to certify Bring Me The Horizon’s status as one of the heavyweights of metal’s elite.

5 stars.

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