TV: Breaking Bad – ‘Ozymandias’

The anticipation leading up to the final 8 episodes of AMC’s incredible Breaking Bad series is killing us!

Their latest promo is a voiceover recital of Percy Bysshe Shelley‘s “Ozymandias“, from none-other than Bryan Cranston‘s Walter White/Heisenberg character. Together with a slow heartbeat and shots of New Mexico, it’s bone-chilling to say the least.

The poem itself refers to the inevitable fall of great empires over time, possibly giving us a hint into what’s going to happen in the business end of season 5.

August 11th can’t come quick enough!

For all UK Breaking Bad fans, you’ll be able to watch the final 8 episodes on Netflix a day after the episodes premiere in the US, God Bless you Netflix!

Watch the “Ozymandias” promo below!

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