Breaking Bad: ‘Confessions’ Episode Review



Jesus Christ, Marie.

This week’s episode of Breaking Bad was perhaps the best of the final season (so far), with Aaron Paul stealing the limelight as Jesse, a guy that’s been manipulated and lied to over-and-over again by Walter White. The mental anguish he’s suffered has seen him hit rock bottom, especially after being forced to kill Gale Boetticher and here, we finally witness Jesse putting all the pieces together… and implode completely.

After keeping shtum about Walt (yet again) to Hank, Jesse and Saul head out to the desert to meet Walt, where Jesse flatly tells Walt to stop playing him and that if he wants him out of the state (bingo) or indeed, dead, then admit it.

This desert scene is particularly emotional and thought-provoking, topping the list of TV’s most awkward hugs between Walt and Jesse. There’s genuine affection from Walt towards Jesse, it’s thanks to Pinkman that he made all his millions and lived to tell the tale. But at the same time, Walt needs Jesse gone for good and it’s not long ’til Jesse’s seemingly on his way to Alaska (thankfully not Belize).

However, shit hits the fan when Jesse puts two-and-two together when Huell lifts his dope, realising the big guy did the same with the ricin. The volatile character backs out of his one-way trip to Alaska, instead beating the crap out of Saul, grabbing a can o’ gasoline and heading over to Walt’s house, hellbent on burning it to the ground, or so it seems.

Okay, breathe.

Now to one of the most intricate, devilishly twisted, surprise moments of Breaking Bad – that ‘confession’ CD.

During a ridiculously awkward encounter over guacamole, with Hank and Marie not letting up, the Whites come up with an ingenious plan that literally has Hank by the balls. Right now, there’s no way he can go to DEA. Please, just go and watch this for yourself, it’s a breathtaking moment of television.

Aside from the ‘confession’ and the explosive closing moments, ‘Confessions’ paved the way for Todd and his Neo-Nazi Uncles’ return to New Mexico, evidently ready to cook Heisenberg blue all by himself and with Lydia’s help probably. I’ve got a bad feeling that Walt won’t like this one bit, since his pride always seems to get the better of him and this might just throw a spanner in Hank’s works, but then again, Todd knows everything about Mr. White’s alter-ego, Heisenberg.


A sensational, explosive performance from Paul, who’s character has finally seen his ‘father-figure’ for what he really is. Some great quips and lines from Bob Odenkirk‘s Saul Goodman and a chilling, yet mesmerising confession from Walter H. White which brilliantly mixes up the storyline, keeping it fresh; asserting Breaking Bad’s dominance over, well, everything.

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