Breaking Bad: ‘Rabid Dog’ Episode Review

Nothing good ever comes out of Walt sitting by a pool.


Picking straight up from where ‘Confessions’ left off, Walt enters his house armed with a gun, only to find that Jesse is nowhere to be seen and the house is still in one piece.

One of Breaking Bad‘s best qualities this season is that it hasn’t stalled or left us lingering for episodes on end, after all, this is it.

Another, is that Vince Gilligan has turned Walt’s life on its head. In Jesse’s own words: “He can’t keep getting away with this!” It’s evident when Walt concocts another classic white lie (ha) and it’s not just gasoline Junior and Skyler smell, it’s bullshit too. Once upon a time in Alberqurque, Walt would’ve gotten away with these stories – Junior would be too face down in his breakfast plate to care and Skyler would be her suspicious-self.

However, those days have long gone, as she sees right through Walt’s lie, spying on him in the parking lot whilst he debates with Saul and Kuby what to do with Jesse, should he be found. Saul suggests the ‘Old Yeller‘ route and surprisingly, so does Skyler, much to Walt’s disgust.

Like his gasoline-soaked carpet, Walt’s problems won’t go away, no matter how much money he throws at them. Everyone he has set out to protect is in danger or completely against him…

Cue a new partnership of Hank and Jesse, newly united against ‘the Devil’, Hank was the one who wisely talked Jesse out of burning down the White residence, instead insisting that the pair of them could bring him down together. Here, we see Hank secretly putting together his case against Walt, roping Steve Gomez into witnessing Jesse’s testimonial. The fact that Hank was willing to lie to Marie about Jesse staying over and the fact that he hasn’t registered Jesse on the system incase anyone gets a sniff shows just how desperate he is to prove Walt is Heisenberg; in a way, breaking bad himself.

Both DEA agents concur that there’s still no solid evidence to pin on Walt, even after Jesse’s video exclusive. But one phone call from a worried Walter White to Jesse ignites an idea in their head to wire Jesse up and use him to get Walt to confess to his crimes. Obviously, this is Breaking Bad, things are hardly ever straightforward and it’s not long before a  scheduled meeting between the pair takes a bizarre twist, causing Jesse to bail and come up with “another way to get him…a better way.”

Despite all of Walt’s ‘love’ for Jesse, it is eventually proving to be his greatest downfall. As long as Jesse is alive, Walt, his family and his secret are in jeopardy, and with Hank, Gomez and Jesse hot on his trail, Walt makes the last phonecall he ever wanted to make, possibly signalling the end of Jesse Pinkman.


A tense chapter in Breaking Bad’s final season. New partnerships, new challenges and decisions to make with some tender, intriguing moments between  characters. Jessie Pinkman – For whom the bell tolls…

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