Breaking Bad: ‘To’Hajiilee’ Episode Review

Caught Blue Handed.


Wow, what a cruel way for Breaking Bad to end an episode, mid-gunfight! Phew…’To’Hajiilee’ arguably ranks as one of Breaking Bad’s standout episodes throughout the entire series.

We start with Lydia inspecting a methamphetamine batch with Uncle Jack’s neo-nazi nasties, cooked by Todd, which isn’t Heisenberg Blue, regardless of an improvement in purity. Unimpressed, she tells Todd that it’s a huge problem that needs to be hastily fixed. Such is her temperament, I couldn’t tell if this was an unwavering threat or a desperate plea, but one thing’s for sure, she will have a big part to play in the remaining episodes.

Having brilliantly concocted a plan to hit Walt where it hurts most (his pockets), Hank and Jesse deceive Walt into thinking that Jesse has located his buried stash of millions and is burning it all by the $10,000s, which of course sends Walt into a frenzy, driving at breakneck speed to stop him, unknowingly leading Hank, Gomie and Jesse right to him and his fortune.

Once Walt clocks on, he calls Jack and his goons, ordering them to To’Hajiilee via his lottery coordinates to complete their hit on Jesse, only for him to despair once he sees Jesse with Hank and Gomez. Realising there’s no escape, Walt tells Jack & Co to forget it, reaffirming his moral code of no harm coming to Hank, subsequently giving himself up.

What was absolutely perfect here, was Dean Norris‘ performance as Hank, as well as the writing for the character. We finally got the scene where Hank caught Walt dead-to-rights.  After tricking Saul Goodman‘s henchman Euell, severing all communication between Goodman, Kuby and Euell, and ultimately duping Walt, Hank gets his 15 minutes. Finally, the moral justice of Heisenberg being cuffed and being read his Miranda rights is accomplished before a brief phonecall to Marie, informing her of both of Walt’s arrest and his love for her, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, Jack and his crew could turn up and bring an arsenal of guns n’ ammo down on them, that’s what. Having ignored Walt’s plea of not to fire, Jack ignores him. He needs Walt to cook for him and to teach Todd how to perfect the blue formula as agreed upon prior to the situation. Opening fire on Hank and Gomie, ‘To’Hajiilee’ ends abruptly mid-gunfight, where no-one seems to get shot despite a hail of bullets (or do they?). Like I said, just cruel. 

What the next episode, ‘Ozymandias’ promises to bring is Hank and Gomez’s deaths. Surely, they cannot survive this, and theoretically, this is down to Hank’s ego (despite his cunning bravado) of wanting to catch Walt/Heisenberg himself (which he said from the start). There is no back-up and certainly no way out, or so it would seem.

Regardless of all of Walt’s heinous crimes, betrayals and lies, knowing from the flashforward that he’s roaming the streets with an M60 in tow (It would seem Jack ‘s crew is his target), I take great epicaricacy in Hank’s misfortune. I still enjoy watching him worming his way out of sticky situations and it’s all down to Vince Gilligan’s team of actors, writers and directors that have made Breaking Bad what it is today – the greatest story ever told on television.

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