Single Review: Paramore – Now

Now the Tennessee trio, Paramore make their long awaited comeback with ‘Now’, the first single off of their upcoming self-titled fourth studio album. What Paramore do better than 99% of other pop-punk bands out there  is the generic ‘world on our shoulders, listen to our problems’ bullshit. It seems almost natural with this band, there are … Continue reading

Single Review: The Rolling Stones – Doom And Gloom

After a spell on the sidelines and years of titillating fans with rumours of UK shows The Rolling Stones are back. Amidst a barrage of manufactured pop groups, one-beat DJ’s and well, Nicki Minaj it’s overwhelmingly refreshing to hear new material from one of the greatest Rock ‘n Roll bands of all time. ‘Doom and … Continue reading

Single Review: Muse – Madness

After the release of the Olympic ‘Survival’ and the highly-debated dubstep tinged ‘Unsustainable’, Muse have released the official first single off of ‘The 2nd Law’ and like it’s title, it’s absolute Madness. Combining massive synths and warped electro beats, Muse have produced a track that gloriously revels in the electronic sound of decades past. Similar … Continue reading

Single Review: Green Day – Kill The DJ

Following on from ‘Oh Love’, Green Day have released ‘Kill The DJ’ as the second single from their upcoming album ‘¡UNO!’. The pop-punk veterans have shook things up a bit with this one, delving into something they haven’t really attempted since the power-pop days of ‘Warning’. ‘Kill The DJ’ is a lethal combination of indie guitar … Continue reading

Single Review: Biffy Clyro – Stingin’ Belle

The kings of Scot-rock have returned with ‘Stingin’ Belle’, the first track off of their highly-anticipated double album ‘Opposites’. In the build-up to the release of ‘Opposites’, the trio had promised that the upcoming record would bring back ‘lost’ fans from their Blackened Sky’ days. A promise that seems to have been broken as ‘Stingin’ … Continue reading

Single Review: Green Day – Oh Love

Green Day Oh Love

Prior to a three album-avalanche by the Berkeley bunch, Green Day have released ‘Oh Love’, the first single from ¡UNO! Unlike ‘American Idiot’ and ’21st Century Breakdown’, the band seemed to have dropped the concept album in favour of a return to their ‘Warning’ days. ‘Oh Love’ is full of infectious pop-punk riffs along with … Continue reading