About: The Sweet Universe

Welcome to the ‘about’ section of The Sweet Universe!

No, this isn’t one of those ‘What is the meaning of life?’ websites, this is a site dedicated to things in the universe that genuinely make us glad to be alive.


If you’re a Twin Atlantic fan and you’ve put two-and-two together, then yes, the name’s coined from their song ‘Make A Beast Of Myself’. Well done!

We adore music! Especially Rock, Indie, Pop-Punk and Metal. So if you’re looking for the latest Lady Gaga video, the exit’s thataway! However, if you’re interested in the best riffs, bands, videos, singles and albums on the planet, then we might be of service.


Ah film, the ultimate procrastination tool. We love films! Just not ones with Channing Tatum, though he did redeem himself with 21 Jump Street.

If you like Superhero films then you’re in luck! They are our favourites. But keep a look out for others on the site, since we’re munching popcorn practically every Orange Wednesday.


Keep up to date with the greatest shows on Television right now.

TSU covers Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones, The Walking Dead and BBC’s Sherlock that are quite simply, the finest shows on our screens.


Call us nerdy, but we can’t help but implode with joy when we learn that Batman and Superman will appear in the same movie, or that the latest edition of Ultimate Wolverine features page after page of fights with Hulk.

All the coolest news, photos, artwork and videos will be on site featuring the greatest superheroes and villains in the DC and Marvel Universes.


Tattoos are cool, well the majority are.

In TSU, there is a section devoted entirely to the most bad-ass, artistic and downright geeky tattoos on the internet. May you marvel or horror at the posts complied for your viewing pleasure.


That’s it for now! Hopefully in the future, TSW will delve into more features and content.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the site and please, if you like what you see then reblog, tweet, and follow The Sweet Universe.


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