Single Review: The Rolling Stones – Doom And Gloom

After a spell on the sidelines and years of titillating fans with rumours of UK shows The Rolling Stones are back.

Amidst a barrage of manufactured pop groups, one-beat DJ’s and well, Nicki Minaj it’s overwhelmingly refreshing to hear new material from one of the greatest Rock ‘n Roll bands of all time.

‘Doom and Gloom’ reminisces of singles past (‘Gimme Shelter) with it’s bluesy layers hidden underneath the age-defying Keith ‘Keef’ Richards’ rocking uptempo groove as Jagger stamps his signature croons and elongated notes (‘ROOoooADDD!’) over his Glimmer Twin’s riffs.

Six years since their last single, Jagger has clearly been casting his eye over the state of world affairs, hollerin’ about ‘an overseas war’ and ‘tightenin’ screws’ and the sorry vibe of doom and gloom. For a band that’s been active for 50 years, it doesn’t show as references to World War Z in Louisiana show their teenage petulance. It’s admirable that they simply want to dance through the surrounding mayhem.

Credit to producer Don Was, on a superbly well produced modern, yet gritty and raw track.

Aspiring young musicians, take note, this is how rock n’ roll is done.

The legendary rockers are set to release yet another greatest hits compilation on November 12th entitled ‘GRRR!’, showcasing a wealth of hits from 1962 – 2012 and ‘Doom and Gloom’ firmly deserves to sit alongside the greats.

4 Stars.

Lyric Video.

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